What Works For Me

For anyone who wonders what sort of poly lifestyle works for me, I'm poly in principle but conservative in practice, meaning that I fully embrace my poly nature in a non-religious manner, and am open to the possibility of multiple simultaneous relationships, but the more time I spend with one person, the more that logistics and priorities shift toward that person, making it less likely that others will become involved.

Also, as described on the Poly Mono Pairing page, I don't think relationships between consenting adults should be restricted to rules other than those between the partners themselves. So if a mono person finds themselves interested in a relationship and understands and accepts how I look at relationships, then that door is open.

It seems like the most important thing when it comes to relationships is to find some sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, and whenever someone is lucky enough to find that, then it's something that transcends all the rules and regulations.

Besides, every relationship is as unique as the people who are in it, so it would be a sad day in the neighborhood if polyamory became just another institution. My hope for the PolyNatural website is that the principles and insights will help others forge their own unique relationships more effectively whether they're poly or not.



If you have any questions or constructive criticism, please share. I'll respond as time permits, and if your reasoning is more sound than mine, I'll update this website and my views accordingly. I'm also available for comment, research, content creation, website design, construction, and hosting. I can be reached via the Contact Page or by visiting PageMakers Internet Publishing.